Lawn Fertilization Service by Tran's Landscaping

Tran's Landscaping provides a professional lawn fertilization service to keep your grass healthy and green. Our team uses the best fertilization products and techniques to ensure your lawn receives the necessary nutrients to thrive. We offer a variety of lawn fertilization services, including organic options, and can customize a plan based on your lawn's specific needs. Our experts can also advise you on the best time to fertilize your lawn, how often to fertilize, and whether to apply fertilizer to your whole lawn or specific areas. Contact us to schedule your lawn fertilization service today.

Why Choose Tran's Landscaping for Lawn Fertilization?

Our team of experts can assess your lawn's specific needs and recommend the best fertilization plan for optimal results. We use high-quality, environmentally-friendly fertilizers that promote healthy growth and strengthen your lawn's natural defenses against pests and diseases. Plus, our services are affordable and convenient, with flexible scheduling options and customized treatment plans.

Best Lawn Fertilization Services

Our lawn fertilization services include a comprehensive soil analysis to determine the optimal nutrient balance for your lawn. We offer both traditional and organic fertilizers, tailored to your specific grass type, climate, and other factors. Our fertilization treatments can improve your lawn's color, thickness, and overall health, while reducing weed growth and disease susceptibility.


Looking to give your lawn and garden a boost? Tran's Landscaping offers expert fertilizer services to provide the nutrients your plants need to thrive. Our team can assess your property and recommend the best fertilizer products and application schedule to promote healthy growth and vibrant color. Contact us today at (253) 984-6802 to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE and get started on your fertilizer project!

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